Sarcastic Cosmetics

I am so sad to announce “Hot Girl Summer” is nearly two weeks away from ending, but on the brighter side of things “Nothing says pick me up” like a brand new cosmetic line.

Sarcastic Cosmetics broke its way through social media and, is now the most talk about brand.

Beauty Influencers all over the world is saying how Fire Sarcastic Cosmetics lip Matte is.

According to Product purchasers Sarcastic Cosmetic Lip Matte;

1. Are High Quality.

2. Are Affordable.

3. The Lip Matte Doesn’t Dry Your Lips.

4. Last all day.

5. Have beautiful and bold Colors.

Sarcastic Cosmetic is owned by one of the most phenomenal Gospel Artist/ Worship Leader. The Great, Shana Wilson and in her own words this is what she had to say about her brand.

“Sarcastic Cosmetics is one of the leading Vegan and Cruelty-Free cosmetic lines of our time. This brand new cosmetic line focuses on capturing the beauty and witty side of a woman, allowing women to be creative, gracious, and bold. So #WearItHowYouSayIt!”

Ladies, Sarcastic Cosmetics is having a 40% off Labor Day Sale, Check out the website below and treat your self to some goodies.

You Heard the scoop here at Kay’s Beauty Word Press.