LA’S New Product Drop 💞

Speaking of a Hot Girl Summer, LA Girl recently release their newest product to their Cosmetics line “Shimmer Spray”.

The Shimmer Spray is a Finishing Spray and it’s normally sprayed to your face and body after you applied your Makeup.

I absolutely love the LA Shimmer Finishing Spay.

1. It’s intoxicating & Flirtatious.

2. It gives your skin that glowy goddess Look.

3. It’s Great for the Ladies who don’t know how to Highlight.

4. Ladies the Price! Come on sis you can’t beat $9.99.

5. The Shimmer spray is available In two different Colors.

This Spray is definitely giving me the Caribbean Vacay Vibes. I can see my self looking righttt, wearing a cute bikini on a cruise ship!

So Ladies what are you waiting for? End your Hot Girl Summer the right way, Grab your cards in head over to

Check out more photos featuring the Shimmer Finishing Spray collection.