A Mothers Dream

Can I be a Mother and live my Dream?

Being a Mom is one of the most important role you can ever play in life, as a mother you have many different roles. You are A Teacher, A Nurse, A Cook and etc.

Having copious amounts of role can get overwhelming, making it difficult for you to follow your goals & dreams.

You may often feel guilty if you choose to spend more time following your dream then spending with your own children and question if you are making the right decision ( This is perfectly Normal and happens to most of us.)

Then we have the other type of Mothers ,who think their only purpose in life is to care for their children.

Yes that is a purpose in life but NOT THE ONLY ONE.

We were put on this earth for a reason, and everything that you have went through

“The good, The bad and The ugly” isn’t by a coincidence.

Everything that you went through. God allowed you to go through!

Everything that God allowed you to overcome ( The Hurt! The betrayal ! The learning experiences! The crushing experiences! The people that you meet along the way!) was all part of God plans to shape and mold you to the women you are Today, So that you have the ability to effectively live out your dreams.

You may ask your self “What kind of woman I am? and How do I know what I am put on this earth to do?”

That very thing that consumes you, that scares you, That forces you to believe you can’t do it because of all you have gone through, That Is what you was put on the earth to do!

Once your vision is revealed to you, get a Pen! and some Paper! write down your goals and the future that you have for yourself! Run with your Vision and Never look back until you fulfilled every goal on that piece of paper.

How do you be a Mother and live your dream?

Get your children involve in your dream.

1. Every week do small activities that is gear to you and your child vision.

2. While your children are asleep, whether it may be at night or during the day start planning your next move.

3. Find another stay at home mom in the area and Connect with her. You may need a babysitter for an upcoming event or you may simply need support.

Whether you Dream is Non-Profit, Real Estate Investment, Nursing, Teaching or etc don’t be sure to brand your self On Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linked In.) Set up a business page and get connected with like-minded people.

5. Invest in your self, especially if you want someone else to invest in you.

Remember it wont be easy at first and you will be your biggest investor and biggest Supporter, but I promise you it’s going to be well worth it.