SZA ShopLifting

SZA, A Grammy Award nominee for her Phenomenal Album and songs “Love Galore, The Weekend, and Broken Clocks” is suppose to be enjoying her accomplishment and fam but instead was a victim of racial profiling 2 days ago, SZA was treated like any other African American Woman accused of Stealing Makeup at one of the Biggest Cosmetic store Known ”Sephora”.

I am in complete and utter disgust! It’s outrageous how African American’s are treated for the the color of their skin, having brown skin doesn’t mean you are Criminals.

African American spends 1.2 Trillion Dollar Annual, African Americans consumers represent more than 50% in overall spending in the Market. It saddens me to see the Progress I thought we made in America just be destroyed, America is supposed to the home of Free but we are still treated like the bottom of the Pit.

We have to better as Human Being, We have to do better as a Nation ”A Nation Divided can’t Stand”

Wake Up America!